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Valentine Tips for love on four wheels

Posted on 14 Feb 2018
Valentine Tips for love on four wheels

Every day is the perfect time to express your feelings for the one you love, but Valentine’s Day has an exceptional aura about it and so expectations run high. Don’t be afraid to give flight to your feelings and set free all the love in your heart in the most creative way. Your partner will surely appreciate it. We have a few tips how your car can help.

Car as the perfect date…

One recipe for a romantic Valentine’s Day evening is rather simple – a bouquet and dinner in a nice restaurant. But the romance may fall flat if you get to the restaurant by public transportation, alternatively have a selection of vehicles across our SKODA range that you can choose from to ensure your perfect arrival.

Car as the perfect gift…

Forget standing in line to buy a rose and box of chocolates, these are the gifts of the past. If you are serious about your feelings, give your loved one a brand-new SKODA. What a truly tangible proof of your love, and showing that you care for their comfort and safety. To avoid any disappointment, make sure you know their favourite colour beforehand.

The ultimate road trip…

Time spent together is the foundation of a strong relationship. An outing together in one of our SKODA's provides the perfect opportunity to have a nice, calm chat and get to know each other. You could just get in the car and set off to the unknown.

Confirm your union…

The decision to set off on a course through life together deserves a grand celebration, so we would recommend a Moon White KODIAQ for the bride and a Magic Black Superb for the groom. It is a big step in life, so you should take it in complete comfort and safety.

It’s up to you how you will celebrate the day of love. For more information CLICK HERE

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