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Prepare yourself this winter with SKODA Service Tips

Posted on 19 Feb 2018
Prepare yourself this winter with SKODA Service Tips


Being an experienced driver does not make you immune to wintertime surprises on the road. An icy surface or layer of snow on the road requires a different style of driving than during the rest of the year. So, don’t forget about a few basic winter rules.

Check what is the temperature outside before setting off. You don’t even need to look for a thermometer or access the internet, because every modern car can show you the temperature.

Is the temperature below zero? The reasonable reaction is to put on a coat, but it is highly recommended to take off your jacket and cap before driving. Then let the car’s heating system create temperature conditions that are ideal for you.

Comfort can be further enhanced by heated seats, a heated steering wheel, and a heated windscreen.

Any shiny surface reflecting a lot of light should be a clear sign for the driver to be extra attentive. To test the condition of the road surface, step gently on the brakes to check if the road is slippery. Bridges can be particularly treacherous, because their surfaces begin to freeze at higher temperatures than do other roads. You should pay closer attention also on stretches of road underneath bridges.

Having a well-equipped vehicle will help you to manage emergencies and situations like going into a skid. The ŠKODA KAROQ, has four-wheel drive. Of course, it also has the ESC stabilization system that provides even better control of the vehicle, such as when passing over a slippery surface or negotiating a faster turn.


Take off your jacket before driving
Brake carefully and in advance
Snow chains are very helpful (in extreme weather conditions)

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Do you park your car outside overnight in winter? Here are a few tips to make your mornings go better and ensure that you and those around you have safe journeys.

The windscreen wipers are definitely one thing to attend to once you’ve parked your car. To avoid having them frozen to the windscreen, be sure to lift them up a little in the evening or place something beneath them. Damage to the wipers can occur if the wipers will be forcibly jerked free from the windscreen in the morning. The wiper motor might even be damaged if the wipers are prevented from moving freely.

Don’t like scraping ice and snow off your windscreen? Neither do we! This unpleasant process can be avoided if you cover your windscreen for the night. Although even a common cotton fabric provides some protection, the ideal solution is an aluminium cover. Affix the cover on both sides by closing it into the doors and slide it under the windscreen wipers. That way, everything will stay in its place and the wipers definitely won’t freeze to the glass anymore.

You can protect the windscreen from frost using a cover, but it is also important to think about the rear window and all the other windows. Having a small snowbrush and an ice scraper at hand is also useful. You will find an ice scraper inside the fuel tank cover on all current ŠKODA models.


Protect your windscreen wipers
Cover your windscreen
Park smart
Clear your roof of snow

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Low temperatures, icy surfaces, diminished traction. Winter is in full swing, and several hazards are lurking out there for motorists. Here are some tips on how to prepare properly.

First of all, it wouldn’t be a bad idea before the beginning of the winter season to take your car in for a comprehensive service check. The technicians will examine your brakes, lights, wipers, battery, and the levels of all your fluids. All this comes usually at a special discounted price that will not be too burdensome on your wallet. You’ll drive away afterward feeling reassured that you are fully prepared for winter roads.

Don’t forget about winter tires. From your tires’ perspective, winter starts as soon as the temperature falls below 7°C. Summer tires’ grip on the road gets significantly poorer as the temperature goes down, because the rubber compounds used in summer tires become hard and traction is much diminished.


Prepare for emergency situations.

Keep plenty of windscreen fluid and fuel.

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