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Posted on 28 Feb 2018

Autonomous driving. Two words synonymous with the future of transport and motoring. But what exactly does this mean?

Autonomous driving is an innovation set to transform the automotive world in the future. With this technology in place, people won’t have to worry about the driving – they’ll simply leave it all up to the machine. Road traffic will become smoother and safer, as computers won’t be distracted by phone calls or chatting with passengers.

A variety of features delivering partial driving automation are already available – you may well be using them every day without realising that they are the springboard for full automation in the future.


You may be asking yourself what stage we’re at. An internationally recognised scale from zero to five defines exactly how capable a vehicle is of autonomous operation. This system of levels has been devised by SAE International (the Society of Automotive Engineers), an organisation grouping together professionals in the aviation, automotive and transport industries.

Level 0 – No Automation

Level 1 – Driver Assistance

Level 2 – Partial Automation

Level 3 – Conditional Automation

Level 4 – High Automation

Level 5 – Full Automation

“At ŠKODA, we’re already working on level 4”


To read more or to see what each level entails, CLICK HERE

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